Bombay Tools Supplying Agency Pvt. Ltd. is the ONLY authorised distributor for PLASTIFORM in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Plastiform is the worldwide leading brand of 3D replicating products for metrology. With more than 30 years of experience, Plastiform has developed a special silicone product that can be used on every industrial parts. This product replicates any internal or external form with a micron precision, and the replica is used to control the dimensions of the part. This method works against industrial waste and avoids destructive testing.

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Internal & External complex measurements kit

Plastiform’s complex measurements kit

Demolding Rings

The demoulding rings are small round rings made of rigid plastic. They are used to create a base at the end of the extraction hole of a plastiform impression. By using the demolding rings, you will be able to remove an impression more easily: They allow you to create a good grip to pull the impression. The bag contains 21 rings of 7 different diameters,…


Fill’In are small metal spiral rods that are used to help Plastiform fluid products enter very small spaces. Among other things, they make it possible to capture the smallest details of a part or surface to be inspected.

Twin Blade Cutter

The Double Blade Cutter is an essential accessory in the Plastiform range. It is a knife with a twin blade welded together that allows profiles to be cut on the axis of the semi-flexible or semi-rigid Plastiform impressions.

Forged by hand by master cutlers from the Thiers region of France, the Double Blade Cutter allows the plastiforms to be cut without altering their dimensions. This will give you an exact profile (in 2 dimensions) of your replica. This profile will be much easier to control using optical measuring instruments. The guide will allow you to ensure a straight cut when handling the tool. The standard cutter has a 60 mm blade and a 1 mm gap between blades.

Standard Mixers

Nozzles are small plastic parts that allow the mixing of two-component Plastiform in cartridges. They have been specially designed for mixing cartridge products. The injector mixes the two components with a 1:1 ratio, making them perfectly homogeneous at the outlet. The injector fits all our cartridges and its length (8.2cm) allows you to easily..

Needle Nozzle with Diameter 0.89mm

Needle Nozzles are small plastic and metal parts that allow the mixing of two-component Plastiform cartridges. The injector has been specially designed to ensure the mixing of the two components with a 1:1 ratio. It’s making them perfectly homogeneous at the output.

The Needle Nozzle is only used with certain fluid products only. Its size allows it to easily go to the inside of the part and its diameter (0.89mm) allows it to infiltrate into very narrow spaces. It is the ideal injector for very small part inspection.


Re-FORM is a thermoplastic resin that allows parts to be held or stiffened, or to protect them against clamping. By heating it to over 60°C, it becomes transparent, molded and malleable. You can therefore model it by hand to make it a shape that can be adapted to your needs. Once dry, it becomes extremely rigid, which allows it to protect or reinforce a part. Why use a thermoplastic resin? Thermoplastic resins are extremely hard and resistant materials in their solid state, but can be shaped manually when they reach a certain temperature. They can be very practical during the different machining processes and that’s why they are used! The Re-FORM, is a product from the Plastiform range specially dedicated to the protection or reinforcement of parts. During machining, most fragile or small parts are subjected to vibrations or embrittlement. Thermoplastic resins make it easy to solve this problem. When the Re-FORM is placed inside a hollow part or as an external reinforcement of a fragile part, it makes it more resistant to the machining operations you will have to perform.

Manual Dispensing Gun (MS-53) for 50ML Cartridges

The DS-53 is a manual injector gun that allows you to apply the products in cartridges using an injector. Fully compatible with the plastiform range, this injector gun is the easiest to use for impression taking. The manual dispensing gun is a lightweight and robust applicator gun that allows you to apply Plastiform products manually with precision…

Manual Putty Product

A malleable plastiform that can be applied by hand to surfaces to be inspected. Its initial consistency is similar to modelling clay.

The final impression is Semi-Soft (hardness 70 Shore A), and has a low deformation capacity. It is a very versatile product and highly compatible with the Double Blade Cutter.

This plastiform’s replica accepts a maximum Extraction Stress of 5%. Thus, this product should be used on uncomplicated shapes and partial impressions. It is recommended for creating simple external shape impressions (threads, grooves, grooves, etc.) on medium to large sized parts.

Pasty Product

Initial paste-like consistency (not flowing). In this way it can be applied on vertical or overhanging surfaces. It is a non-flowing product, so it is very suitable for partial impressions. The final impression being Flexible (hardness 35 Shore A) , it can deform during demoulding.

The impression is very accurate, and all surface details are reproduced in µm. Product is very suitable for carrying out checks on large external threads or complex shapes.

Finally, it is a product compatible with the Double Blade Cutter. This will allow you to measure the impressions without difficulty by cutting a profile in 2 dimensions.


The MD-3P is a 3 components resin (liquid resin, liquid hardener, powder) polymerizing after mixing.

Depending on the mixing ratio, the initial consistency can be Fluid or slightly Pasty. The final impression is extremely Rigid, and does not accept any Removal Constraint. The MD-3P must be used on very simple forms, and non porous surfaces. Polymerization starts when the hardener is mixed to the other components. The reaction causes a light heating, and the compound hardens in 10 to 60 minutes (depending on the mixing ratio). The impression accuracy is better than 1µm.

The MD-3P is suitable for the following applications :

– Creation of custom-made Checking Gauges

It can also be used for :

– Impression of External Simple Forms

– Roughness Control Ra

Curing Time : 10 to 60 minutes

Removal Constraint : 0 %

Elongation to Failure : 0 %

Fluid Product

Thanks to its high initial Fluidity (flowable product), it can easily infiltrate into any type of part, whether small (diameter up to 0.1 mm) or medium size.

The final impression is very flexible (hardness estimated at 20-50 Shore A), which allows it to be strongly stretched and deformed during demoulding without any problem.

Therefore recommended for taking impressions in complex internal forms (threads, grooves and internal grooves…)

The impression is very accurate. All surface details (shape, dimension, appearance, surface condition, etc.) are reproduced in µm

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