JAFUJI is the flagship brand of Bombay Tools Supplying Agency Private Limited and their products are made at our manufacturing unit S.V. Precision Instruments, in Hyderabad

JAFUJI’s 200 plus products, encompass the entire range of critical accessories like magnetic dial stands, comparator stands, V blocks, and granite surface plates. Besides being sold in India, these products are exported to several countries like Australia, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, and Thailand.

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Micrometer Stand

Finely finished Micrometer Stand can be adjusted to any position.

Provides a desirable measuring position and angle for inside and outside Micrometers and many other instruments.

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Granite Surface plates

GRANITE SURFACE PLATES has a material strength, which is three times greater than that of ordinary granite and it is super rigid. To obtain the same rigidity, a surface plate made of ordinary granite would require a 44% greater thickness…

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Steel V blocks

The V – Blocks have means of the clamp the work can be held in the block.

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Magnetic V blocks

The JAFUJI Magnetic V Blocks, with hardened surfaces at the main V angle and bottom holding surface, are equipped with hardened plates which ensure extra resistance.

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Flexible magnetic stand

The Dial gauge can be locked in any desired position via centralised clamping.

Fine Adjustment has been provided.

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Bore Measuring Stand

For quick checks of bores in small can be raised with lever, thus moving test piece into position.

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Magnetic Stands

With fine adjustment clamp and roller for quick setting.

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Heavy Duty High Precision Bench Centre

Table and centre heads are made from closed cast iron, seasoned, stress relieved and finished on the working face and reference side edge of the table by hand scraping to meet with the required accuracy as per BIS Standards.

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Granite Base Dial Indicator, Comparator Stand

Granite Comparator stands are made from Rigid Granite Base. They are free from burrs, pile ups, rust and deterioration over time. These stands satisfy all types of precision measuring assignments, including comparative measurement.

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Dial Indicator Stand, Comparator Stand

This Measuring stand is particularly suitable for quick and accurate inspection of small flat or round works. It is also readily adaptable as a thickness gauge.

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Push Pull Gauge Stand

Ideal Test Stand for force gauge.

Loading lever can be sent in any position by position by nine degree increments for ease of operation.

Precisely machined rack and pinion and dovetailed slide assure smooth and precise motion.

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Granite Parallel

These Parallels are made from Black Granite which has a close gray structure good resistance to corrosion & hard in nature. The coefficient of thermal expansion is less as compared to steel. It requires less maintenance.

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Precision Spirit Levels

The Instrument designed to indicate whether a surface in horizontal or Vertical

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Coating Thickness Gauge

A coating thickness gauge (also referred to as a paint meter) is used to measure dry film thickness. Dry film thickness is probably the most critical measurement in the coatings industry because of its impact on the coating process, quality and cost. Dry film thickness measurements can be used to evaluate a coating’s expected life, the product’s appearance and performance, and ensure compliance with a host of International Standards.

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Surf Test Stand

This Instrument is most ideal and economical for checking surface finish.

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Gear Test Attachment

This Instrument is Ideal and Economical Gear test attachment for checking of gear pitch diameters. It designed for easy mounting with bench centre

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Portable Hardness Tester

Portable Hardness Tester is an advanced state-of-the-art integrated
palm sized metal hardness tester which incorporate impact device
and controller into one unit. Using our patent technology, HTP
1600 gives out extraordinary high accuracy up to +/-2 HL. HTP 1600
| will be used easily by menu operation even without operation manual, also it has a customer re-calibration and statistics function

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Bombay tools supplying agency’s flagship brand Jafuji is a pioneer in manufacturing and exporting high precision instruments. S.V precision immerses high importance to research, design and development for their products in order to maintain global standards and be ahead in time of their competitors to provide the best products for their customers. Quality and Precision are their core values that are demonstrated through their product JAFUJI instruments are manufactured at S.V. Precision Instruments a production unit in Hyderabad which manufactures over 200 different products.

JAFUJI as a brand encompasses the entire range of critical accessories like magnetic dial stands, comparator stands, V blocks, and granite surface plates. Besides being sold in India, JAFUJI is also a prime exporter to several countries like Australia, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, and Thailand. Bombay Tools are the largest authorized distributor of Jafuji India, which include the following:

Jafuji Micrometer Stands 

Bombay tools supplying agency deals in Jafuji micrometer stands, these are adjustable precise measuring stands ideal for force gauge, suitable for micrometer upto 100mm. The lever can be set in any position by nine degree increments with gripping fixtures available on request for ease of use. 

Jafuji Granite Surface Plates

The product has a fine-grained m non porous texture made out of a crystalline rock. The granite used is 3 times stronger than ordinary granite hence provides increased water resistance and a longer lifeline.

Jafuji Steel V Blocks

This tool is for inspection in tool room and stand room, the V blocks help in the stability and accuracy of parallelism with respect to bottom.

Jafuji Magnetic V Blocks

Jafuji magnetic v blocks consists of 3 surfaces that are accurately grounded with care to ensure extra wear resistance when in use.

Jafuji Flexible Magnetic Stand

The equipment has 2 variants which are JMB 106, universal which has a curvature of 260mm with a magnetic pull of 60 kgs. The JMB 108 has a curvature radius of 150mm and magnetic pull of 20kgs.

Jafuji Bore Measuring Stand

  • BMS 1 1310 model is essential for quick checks in small work places with an anvil that can be clamped at any height for checking eccentricity. 
  • DGS-1440 are universal dial indicator stands are ideal for quick and accurate measurements and also for testing spindle run of machine tools, lathe work etc.

Jafuji Magnetic Stand 

The stand consists of 3 variants JMB 101 (heavy duty), JMB 102 (standard), JMB 103 which have the same magnetic pull of 60 kgs and vary according to usage needs.

Jafuji Heavy Duty High Precision Bench Centre

The instrument is made from closed grain iron castings and made by experienced craftsmen by using precision machining products to ensure relatability and quality in order to meet the accuracy as per ISI standards.

Jafuji Granite Base Dial Indicator Comparator Stand, Comparator Stand 

Jafuji granite comparator stand is made from rigid granite base for all kinds of precision measuring assignments and comparative measurements. The following are the variants

  • Dial gauge stand 1210
  • DGS-2A 1220
  • DGS-2A 1230
  • Large maxi dial indicator 1240 & 1250
  • Granite dial gauge stand 1260

Jafuji Push Pull Gauge Stand 

PGS-1 1710

The equipment is an ideal test stand for force gauge, the lever can be set in any position by nine degree and the precisely machined rack and pinion helps in the smooth precise motion for ease of operation.

Jafuji Precision Spirit Levels

Jafuji’s spirit levels are equipped with a vial adjustment system and are made to high precision using naturally and artificially aged special alloy steel. The system used also helps in maintaining high accuracy within the specialized tolerance level.

The spirit levels are available in the following dimensions and each of them vary in sensitivity, prismatic bearing surfaces.

  • 150 x 40mm
  • 200 x 45mm
  • 300 x 50mm

Jafuji Coating Thickness Gauge 

The Rugged, fully electronic coating thickness gauge use magnetic and edgy current principles to measure coating thickness on both ferrous and nonferrous metals with a measuring range of 0-1250 um.

Jafuji Surf Test Stand 1810

The equipment is ideal and economical for checking surface finish, the top end of the vertical column has fine adjustment knob to facilitate height positioning. The base is made from precisely lapped black granite stone with a mass weight of 22kgs.

Jafuji Gear Test Attachment 3000

This Jafuji equipment is ideal & economical gear test attachment for checking gear pitch diameters and is designed for easy mounting bench center with mass weight of 12kgs.

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