Mitutoyo is a renowned brand when it comes to precision measuring instruments, and their vernier calipers are no exception. However, the popularity of Mitutoyo calipers has also given rise to a market for counterfeit or duplicate products. It’s essential for professionals and hobbyists alike to know how to distinguish an original Mitutoyo vernier caliper from a fake one to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their measurements. The team at Bombay Tools Supplying Agency Pvt. Ltd shall guide you through the process of identifying a duplicate Mitutoyo vernier caliper.

1. Check the Packaging:



Start your verification process with the packaging. Original Mitutoyo vernier calipers come in a high-quality, well-designed box or case. The packaging should feature the Mitutoyo logo, model number, and barcode. The box should feel sturdy and well-constructed. Be wary of calipers that come in flimsy, low-quality packaging or without any branding at all.


2. Examine the Build Quality:



Original Mitutoyo vernier calipers are known for their precision and durability. When handling the caliper, pay attention to the following




• Material: Mitutoyo calipers are typically made of high-quality stainless steel, which feels solid and substantial in your hand. Counterfeit calipers may use cheaper materials, which might feel lighter and less robust.

• Fit and Finish: Inspect the craftsmanship of the caliper. Original Mitutoyo calipers have a smooth, well-finished surface with accurate markings. Poorly crafted duplicates may exhibit uneven or rough surfaces.

• Engraving and Markings: Original Mitutoyo calipers feature crisp, deeply engraved markings that are easy to read. Counterfeit calipers might have shallow or poorly engraved markings that are difficult to distinguish.

3. Check for Mitutoyo Branding:



Mitutoyo takes pride in its products and prominently displays its logo on the calipers. Look for the Mitutoyo name or logo on the scale, dial, or the caliper’s body. Verify that the branding is clear, well-etched, and correctly positioned. Counterfeit calipers may have misspelled or poorly placed branding or may lack it altogether.




4.Verify the Accuracy:

Precision is a hallmark of Mitutoyo’s products. To verify the accuracy of the caliper:

• Use a certified reference standard, such as gauge blocks or a known-length object, to measure with the caliper. An original Mitutoyo caliper should provide precise and consistent measurements.

• Verify that the zero-point on the caliper aligns perfectly when the jaws are closed. If the zero-point is off-center or inconsistent, it could indicate a fake.

5. Check the Scale:

Original Mitutoyo calipers have clear and easy-to-read scales with sharp markings. Counterfeit calipers may have blurry, faint, or misaligned scales. Also, ensure that the scale is graduated in metric and imperial units, as Mitutoyo calipers typically feature both.

6. Seek Authorized Dealers:

To ensure you’re purchasing a genuine Mitutoyo product, buy from authorized dealers or Mitutoyo’s official website. Avoid purchasing calipers from unknown sources, particularly if the deal seems too good to be true. Bombay Tools Supplying Agency Pvt. Ltd is a leading and authorized Mitutoyo distributors and supplier in India and the ONLY authorized dealer and distributor in Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

The accuracy and reliability of Mitutoyo vernier calipers make them a preferred choice for precision measurements. However, the popularity of these calipers has led to the proliferation of counterfeit products. To avoid falling victim to a duplicate Mitutoyo caliper, carefully examine the packaging, build quality, branding, accuracy, and scale of the caliper. When in doubt, purchase from authorized dealers to guarantee the authenticity of your Mitutoyo vernier caliper. With these guidelines in mind, you can confidently invest in a tool that will provide you with accurate and consistent measurements for years to come.