BAKER is a solutions provider for linear dimensional measuring needs of the engineering and metal working industry. They manufacture a wide range of products including precision hand-held measuring instruments (micrometers, calipers, dial gauges etc.), thread gauges and multi gauging solutions.

Today, with more than five decades of experience in the manufacturing of various types of gauges, BAKER is ranked the no.1 manufacturer of Gauges and Precision Measuring Instruments in India.

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Thread Plug and Ring Gauge

Ring Gauge and Plug gauge are metrology tools that are used for gaging inner and outer diameters. These gauges are also known as Limit Gauges. The primary function of Ring or Plug Gauges is to establish on a GO / NOGO basis whether the part lies within the dimensional tolerance. The use of limit gauges (Ring or Plug Gauges) enables inspection and quality decision about machined parts to be checked very quickly without the need of any measuring instruments like micrometer or caliper. ‘GO’ Ring and Plug gauges are designed to verify the upper tolerance limit of the inner or outer diameter. ‘NO-GO’ Ring and Plug Gauges check the lower tolerance limit on the Inner or Outer diameter. There are various classes like M/ISO, G, UN, UNF, UNC, UNEF, NPT, NPTF, BSP, BSPT etc

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